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Holter Monitor

620 $

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+7 (812) 347-57-59
  • +7 (812) 309-06-77
Holter Monitor
В наличииHolter Monitor
620 $
+7 (812) 347-57-59
  • +7 (812) 309-06-77
Информация для заказа

Portable device for cardiac monitoring (the monitoring of the electrical activity of the cardiovascular system). Production of MedTechService.


If you have some questions you can write us before buying:

e-mail: m9269740@yandex.ru, cardiosave@yandex.ru

Tel.: +7(812)347-57-59, +7(812)309-06-77

Whatsapp: +79052662899

More detailed information about our Holter in english: www.cardiosave.net.

You can buy our Holet in eBay too: https://www.ebay.com/itm/401896790355.


Holter monitor by Medtechservise is a device designed for taking and registering an electrocardiogram for a long time. The device has a wide range of functions, but it is compact (only 100x50x25 mm) and easy to use. The small size, pleasant design, convenient clip for attaching the device to the belt and a strong light-gray plastic case give our Holter monitor the appearance of a modern stylish accessory, which is important for young clients and women. The front part of the device is equipped with a touch control panel.

Our Holter is intended for use in medical establishments. But also the affordable price allows you to use our Holter monitor for self-study and diagnosis of your cardiovascular system at home as a personal device. In this case, you will receive a simplified version of the software.

Two AAA batteries are installed in the device. It’s  enough for 24 hours.

If an electrode is torn off during the recording of the ECG, the device will start to make a sound signal, which will allow you to correct the situation quickly.

Более подробная информация: www.cardiosave.net.





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